I live in a small village far from the big cities, can I still sign up?

We recruit people living all over France and abroad, in big cities and in small villages.

My life has changed, I’ve changed phone number or e-mail address, I’d like to change some of the information on my registration form. What should I do?

You should sign up again and fill in a new registration form. Your data will then be updated automatically.

How do your discussions take place?

They usually last between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

  • Some take place over several days over the Internet or with small tasks to do at home.
  • The discussions can be individual, with a small group or with up to 10 people.
  • The location depends on the type of research: in a hall, at home or on the Internet. 
Can I take part on a regular basis?

Taking part in focus groups or testing products is not a job. You can only participate a few times a year with a waiting period between each group, interview or test.

I don’t receive any of your e-mails even though I’m registered in your database.
  • Please check that our e-mails don’t go straight into your spam folder.
  • If you use AOL, please give us another e-mail address – this operator blocks our e-mails.
  • If the problem persists, please register again with a new email address.
I do not have an email address, or I have a very limited access to the Internet. What should I do?

You can sign up via a friend – we will then only contact you by phone.

Can my minor children take part?

Yes, we frequently look for young children or teenagers for our group discussions. The easiest is to fill in a registration form for them with the parent’s e-mail address and phone number.

Who can sign up?

Anybody between the age of 5 and 99.

Are focus group respondents paid for taking part?

Each participation is incentivized in order of 15€ per hour as travel or child-care costs.
However, some specific research such as professional, medical or in-home research, or discussions that require preliminary homework can lead to higher incentives.

My profile never matches what you are looking for despite the fact I answer very often!

For each test or group discussion, we look for specific profiles. Don’t worry, you will definitely end up matching what we are looking for.

I can’t seem to get hold of you, the line is always busy!

Each person registered in our database gets the chance to take part in a discussion, you sometimes need to be patient. Try sending us an e-mail or leave a voice message if you reach our answering machine. We do our best to handle the maximum amount of phone calls we receive.