Before signing up

Things worth knowing

When you click to sign up, you will access a registration form that you will need to fill in.
Once you are registered, we will most often contact you by e-mail but also by phone.

For each research project, we will send you a short questionnaire to see if your profile matches what we are looking for (gender, age, profession, consumption habits and frequency…). Your answers must be spontaneous and honest (liars will be excluded permanently) and you should always try and be as precise as possible when naming products or brands, and stating consumption patterns.

If your profile does match what we are looking for, we will then send you the time, date and address of the facility where the research will take place.  
Market research discussions usually last between 30 minutes and 4 hours in the form of face to face interviews, focus groups, in-home interviews, online communities...

Each respondent will receive an incentive (cheque, gift or gift voucher) for taking part. The incentive is not a remuneration such as a salary – it is given to you as compensation for travel or child-care expenses.


In most cases, two members of the same family or two people who know each other cannot take part in the same group discussion unless stated otherwise.

Specific exclusions exist either for privacy reasons or because some people are experts in the field and therefore would not be at the same level as the other respondents. As a rule, the people who can’t take part in our discussions or tests are people who work in marketing, market research, journalism, advertising, communication or in the activity sector of the research: for example, if the topic of the research is cars, people who work in the motor industry cannot take part.


We generally don’t look for experts, but rather consumers or non-consumers of a specific product or service.

By taking part in a paid test or group discussion, you will be expected to be articulate and highly motivated. You must also feel concerned by the topic and follow the moderator’s instructions. You can then participate actively in the discussion or interview.

Group discussions and tests cannot be considered as a job. If you want to take part on a regular basis, you will have to complete waiting periods between participations. This aims to keep respondents spontaneous for our clients.